Ps3 – Playstation 3 on Credit finance

The playstation 3 is the most powerful console made to date and it is now available on credit from a range of uk catalogue shops. The credit terms vary from store to store and we suggest you check out before buying.

If this is the first time you will use a particular catalogue to buy anything look out for 10% off your first order and offers such as free delivery or free returns.

K and Co

  • Good range of products from all categories
  • 12 months interest free credit and flexi payments for upto 2 years after purchase
  • Free delivery and Free returns

  • Credit options on most products
  • Interest Free for upto 12 months on orders over ¬£50
  • 10% off first order


  • Take upto 3 years to pay off the balance of your account
  • Free delivery and Free returns


  • Free Returns¬† and Free Delivery on some items
  • Credit option for upto 3 years or upto 12 months interest free on orders that are over ¬£50.