Naturally Close or Isme

Comparing experiences: Naturally Close Vs Isme

Both Naturally Close and isme are UK based catalogue shops dealing heavily in the clothing and fashion industry. Naturally close has a specialty in close contact and fitting wear like lingerie, swimwear, shape and tone wear, and other shape enhancing cloth items. On the other hand, isme deals with a wider range of products. They have clothing for men, women, children and even babies. They also stock home and furniture, health and beauty, electronics and gift items. Both catalogues are bound to give the customer very different experiences as they have very different styles and policies on pricing, bargains, and delivery policies.

Spreading the cost on items with Naturally Close and Isme

Shoppers at both catalogues can open a personal credit account and get a credit line for it. At Naturally close, shoppers have a credit limit of typically £100. They are issued a statement after every 28 days detailing items and costs that have not been cleared. This amount attracts interest at 39.9% APR which is variable. One can spread the cost for an item for a minimum payment per month of £5 or 1/12th of the cost of the item
At isme, credit limit typically starts at £1500. A shopper can spread the cost for over a year and pay at £5 or 7% the value of the item, minimum per month. The applicable APR is 39.7% variable.

Buy Now Pay Later with Naturally Close and Isme

Shoppers at isme have the option to pick an item and not pay for it for a full year. This is an offer extended via a code provided which should be input at checkout. The catch is that the amount of the item has to be over £100. This means that any payments that are done during the year will not attract any interest.
At Naturally close, a shopper has to pay for an item before 28 days are over lest it starts attracting interest. The only other option is spreading costs over time.

Both catalogues are not very big on discounts. Naturally close are having a massive 75% clearance sale. There is also a 60% end of season discount going on. At isme there is a 10% discount for first time shoppers. There is also a 75% discount on selected clothing and footwear.

Delivery and returns

Isme offer free delivery and returns for those that are willing to collect items at the nearest Collect+ shop. Standard charges stand at £3.95 for next day delivery. For flexible delivery, which includes weekends and public holidays, a charge of £4.95 applies. Returns are also free if one uses Collect+.
For Naturally close, standard charges for delivery are £2.99 for 3-5 days. Next day delivery can be arranged for £3.99. Beds and bulky items can take up to 10 days to arrive, while heavy furniture can take up to 6 weeks to be delivered. Returns can be arranged via their courier or the shopper can use his courier.

Overall comparison of Naturally Close and Isme

While both catalogues cater to different markets, they do not differ much in discount offers. The biggest difference between them comes in payment arrangements.

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