JD Williams or Fifty Plus

Comparing experiences: JD Williams Vs Fifty plus

JD Williams and Fifty Plus are affiliated brands but serving to different target of the same segment. JD Williams stock clothing for women of all ages while Fifty plus have the fifty plus years of age ladies in mind. However, both brands have an extensive range of products which are common to women of all ages, for example lingerie and footwear. Only the fashion tastes may differ. Bargains, pricing and delivery for both catalogues are bordering to similarity as both catalogues are under the JD Williams chain of direct home shopping.

Pricing and spreading costs with JD Williams and Fifty Plus

Both JD Williams and Fifty plus are having very good prices on some items. Bras for example are starting at £11, while knit cardigans are going for as low as £24. Prices at both catalogues are similar perhaps due to the fact that these are sister brands.
On spreading costs, the customer is offered a choice of making payment on goods for an extended period at an agreed minimum payment. This is 1/12th of the total cost or £5 whichever is higher i.e. the minimum one can pay per month is £5. The interest rate per annum applicable for both catalogues is 34.1% or an annual percentage rate of 39.9% which is variable.

Buy now pay later with JD Williams and Fifty Plus

Both JD Williams and Fifty plus have a 28 day period for items purchased to be paid before they are charged as interest attracting. A customer then may pick an item and arrange to pay for it before the lapse of 28 days lest the amount owed starts attracting an interest.

Offers and bargains available at JD Williams and Fifty Plus

At both JD Williams and Fifty plus, an extensive discounting is going on, starting with the end of season discount of 60% on clothing items. There is also a 50% end of season discount on home and furniture items on both catalogues.

Deals of the week

Both catalogues are offering irresistible deals of the week. Selected designer items for example Arlene Philips up to 70% discount. There is a 50% discount on selected lingerie lines. Selected footwear is also attracting up to 60% discount. There is a 50% discount on selected men and women hooded tops. 30% off some men casual trousers while men footwear has 50% discount. Healthy cookware and gym equipment are attracting 20% discount.


Both JD Williams and Fifty plus have a similar delivery policy. Standard delivery charges are £2.99 for delivery taking 3-5 days. For next day delivery a higher charge of £3.99 is applicable.
Beds and other personalised items will take up to 10 days to be delivered, while bulky furniture and other upholstery will take up to 6 weeks to get delivered.

Overall summary of JD Williams and Fifty Plus

Shopping at JD Williams or Fifty plus is bound to be almost a similar experience. This maybe due to the fact that these two brands are sister companies which are run under similar policies in pricing, bargains, and delivery. In fact, an account holder with one company can shop at the other with the same account. The tastes of the customer and the item needed are what will influence the choice on which catalogue to shop.

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