House of Bath or Premier Man

There are a number of really high quality online retailers in the United Kingdom, and two of the best names are House of Bath and Premier Man. Comparing the two may be problematic because they have such different focuses in terms of specialization – House of Bath provide high quality house and home accessories, although they have broadened their horizons somewhat, and Premier Man caters for larger men with unique fashion needs. This comparison is aimed at figuring out which of the two has the most competitive payment structures. When you are looking for a good online retailer, it is imperative that you consider your payment options thoroughly, as all are not created equal. In fact, the whole buy now and pay later situation is not as fluid as it seems. These two great names in the industry offer buy now and pay later solutions, but are they really effective? And what are the benefits of each? This discussion is aimed at pointing out the strong points of both so that you can make the most informed choice possible when it comes to buying online.

House of Bath
Despite the fact that House of Bath is best known for providing great home furnishings and decorations, they actually have quite an extensive range of products that includes top of the range television and home cinema equipment. The fact that they stock these products has had a massive impact on their monthly billing structure. You are given a choice of time frames for making your repayments, and obviously the longer you take, the smaller each monthly instalment will be. Thus, you can expect a regular bill from House of Bath every 28 days until the entire amount has been paid off. The benefit of the system is that you choose the timeline, so you can decide exactly how much you need to pay back, so you can plan and budget accordingly.

Premier Man
Premier Man, as mentioned above, is a specialist clothing retailer. Now, unless you have very expensive taste, your clothes are probably not as expensive as your home décor. This means that you will be expected to pay back the amount that you owe (in full) rather more quickly than you would for a television. However, you still do have some choice with the Premier Men buy now and pay later scheme, particularly when you buy in bulk, which is incredibly useful when you are buying a variety of items for a few outfits all at one.

Comparing apples and pears is always problematic, but at the end of the day they are both fruit. The buy now pay later systems at both of these retailers is the only real point of comparison. Both companies have systems in place to assist those with bad credit, and the credit accounts offer you much the same opportunities. The only real question is how long you will be taking to pay the money back, and it’s your choice.

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