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Free Delivery Catalogues

Almost everything around is now virtual.  With the click of the mouse, our worlds get transformed. The advent of the Internet and e-commerce has opened gateways to comfort at a new level and online shopping is just a natural progression. To make shopping online a better experience, online catalogues are made which offer a wide range of information.

Catalogues provide details about the products and services offered in the particular store, price and the availability. Most catalogues carry discount offers, promotions and other sales information encouraging customers to buy online.

With online catalogues, customers are able to select from a wide range of products and services. Customers shopping online find that the catalogues make their shopping

1) Easy to use:  It is just a click away and all the discounts, offers are all listed in the catalogue readily available.

2) Convenient:  No more long check –in queues. Customers who find it difficult to travel or are too busy find this as the best option.

3) Price:  Online customers tend to get better discounts. Online catalogues are updated regularly and have a comprehensive list of limited time discounts as well. This helps the customer avail themselves of the offers at the right time.

The most top rated use of the catalogues is that they are available 24×7, making shopping possible whenever there is time. Most catalogues offer discounts on delivery above a certain amount of purchase or standard rates on all kinds of deliveries. Some offer free returns on certain items .

To make this even more tempting, some of the catalogues offer free delivery as well to online customers. Below is a list of some catalogues in UK that offer free shipping and delivery.

Boden: This brand of colourful accessories and clothes for men, women and children is offering 10% off plus free delivery on their products. It ends 24th august 2011.

Freemans: This is a very well known UK catalogue. It offers free delivery and returns on major brands of household and fashion products.

Littlewoods: Another famous UK catalogue, providing fashion and homeware products since 1932 is offering free delivery. Payment options with interest credit also available.

Kays catalogue: Kays is offering free delivery and returns. On offer are fashion, sports and home appliances.

House of Fraser:  This store is offering free delivery as well for sales above $50.  Major designer brands like Armani and Ralph Lauren are on sale.

Naturally close: This fashion lingerie line does not charge for post and packing for delivery of items in stock within 3-4 days.

Simply yours: Free standard delivery, takes upto 5 days. Express requests are chargeable. Simply yours offers discounts on fashionable innerwear for women.

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