Compare Monthly payment catalogues

The monthly payment catalogues are similar in nature to the weekly payment catalogues except they have a longer pay-back time period. If people do not have a good credit history, are without a job or cannot pay the full price of a product at the time of a purchase, monthly payment catalogues are the way to go for them. Under this, catalogue companies assign a certain credit limit to people based on their current situation.

Catalogue companies allow consumers to purchase products like washing machines, fridges, jewelry, cupboards, televisions etc. on the promise that they would pay for it on a monthly basis. If they meet the time schedule of the payments, the catalogue companies would sooner or later, allow them a greater credit limit. The most important aspect of this system of payments is that nobody would be denied on the basis of a bad credit score. At the most, they would have to pay a higher rate of interest along with their installments, but they would be able to purchase the products. There are quite a few monthly payment catalogue companies which do not even require your credit score but ask for proof of your identity and residence.

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