Large Men’s Clothing

Shopping for a large sized man can be difficult at times with shops and stores mostly catering to the mid-sized majority of people. So a big and tall man has to either get their clothes specifically tailor made or just do with ill fitting clothes. However, whether you are a plus sized man looking for clothes for yourself or someone looking for clothes for a big and tall male friend or relative, catalogues for large men’s clothing offer ample variety right from designer brands to non-designer ones in a wide range of prices.

The list of catalogues and their specifications given below will give an idea of the different kinds of options that can be available to a person while shopping through catalogues.

Premier Man:

  • A wide category of men’s wear right from coats and jackets to underwear, footwear and even swimwear is available in a good price range.
  • Tailoring options for those who need their clothes tailored to fit them perfectly


  • The catalogue offers a wide variety of men’ clothes, accessories, shoes in sizes ranging as l, xl, xxl, 3xl, 4xl and 5xl
  • All sizes upto 5xl are charged the same

Fifty Plus

  • A range of clothes are available for large sized men at good prices. A special section lists down every item that is available at a price below £ 20.
  • Side elasticated trousers to fit large men is available at prices starting from £ 50.

High and Mighty

  • Plus sized clothes in a range of designer brands are offered
  • Fabrics that can be specifically made to measure are available at discounted rates
  • Personal tailoring to ensure perfect fit is also available at special discounts

A few other companies that offer catalogues are J D Williams, William and Browns, One Stop Catalogue Shop and Man Shop UK.

All the catalogues can be requested online on their specific websites. In addition to the above mentioned specific facilities offered by each catalogue, the following facilities are common to all:

  • Having an account with the website, allows customers to avail of credit facilities and buy now pay later options.
  • A next day delivery service is available for as cheap as £ 3.99
  • A trial period of 14 day allows customers to return ordered clothes if not found suitable.
  • Easy returns
  • Special discounts from time to time.
  • Latest designs and styles
  • Easy ordering
  • Wide range of prices

Shopping through catalogues is also most convenient as it can be done so from the comfort of one’s home. A person can spend as much time as he or she wants to elaborately decide on what he or she wants to buy. With the 14 day trial option available, people can very well return the clothes if found to be not fitting well. The credit and buy now pay later facility also works out really well for individuals with a modest budget but wanting to spend for special clothes.