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Almost all of the big brand catalogues offer credit, often referred to as buy now pay later. Essentially you get goods upto an agreed credit limit and then pay per week/month at a smaller more managable payment. There are a number of product ranges available on credit but some catalogues have a minimum order for credit customers.

The advantages of credit catalogues are that you can spread the cost and often purchase larger items that otherwise you may be stuck without such as a new fridge or bed.

Interest free credit catalogues:

Some catalogues offer interest free credit for new customers or those who haven’t ordered before. Interest free shopping has all of the perks of finance without the expensive repayments – Just make sure that you can afford the installments and pay off before the credit period runs out.

Below are a range of pages for popular products available on credit:

Games Consoles – They are the must have gadget for all children and big kids alike but they are often very expensive especially when you add on the cost of games and accessories. See our Ps3, xbox, wii pages for more information on where to get them on credit.

Beds – If you have a spring out of place or just fancy a change then getting a new bed could set you back alot of cash especially if you include a new mattress or headboard. Credit catalogues could help if you don’t have the cash right away.

Electrical Appliances – Getting a new fridge, freezer, washing maching or any white good is a pain at the best of times but if it happens when you least expect it you may want to check out the catalogues that accept credit customers.

Laptops/computers – For work or play laptops on credit could be ideal for you as you can spread the cost of a typical laptop from as little as £20 a month which is little over the cost of broadband to go with it.

Furniture – If you want to brighten up your home then you can without worrying about the cost. Some of our catalogues and credit stores specialise in just furniture.

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