Ambrose Wilson Vs Freemans

Comparing experiences: Ambrose Wilson or Freemans

Both Ambrose Wilson and Freemans are direct home shopping brands catering to the ladies market segment. Ambrose Wilson brands itself as the alternative to high street fashion in stocking fashionable and quality ladies wear. On the other hand, Freemans counts on its 100 years plus experience to provide the customer with what she needs best. Both of the catalogues have a wide range of ladies clothing, footwear and accessories in addition to beauty, health and electronic items. Bargains on both catalogues are great, and while they differ in bargains on some fronts they are great catalogues to hunt bargains on. A good comparison on costs, bargains, and delivery costs can give a good picture on where shopping is a better experience.

Spreading costs on goods with Ambrose Wilson and Freemans

Both Ambrose Wilson and Freemans give their customers the opportunity to spread costs on purchases. That is, pay in small bits for an item. Ambrose Wilson has a policy that allows £100 credit limit extension on personal accounts. For a customer to qualify for spread costs, he must pick an item that will have a minimum £5 payment per month. Customers are billed after every 28 days and any amounts not cleared immediately attract a 39.9% APR.
Freemans offer their customers two choices. One, a customer can choose to make a minimum payment (usually 5% of total cost) per month at a minimum of £5 per month at a 29.9% APR, which takes longer period. The other option is to spread the cost over 5 or 12 months without interest. The only catch is that the cost has to be over £500.

Buy now pay later options at Ambrose Wilson and Freemans

Selected customers are offered a promotional code which allows them to take an item and pay for it later, usually at no interest. This is the best description of the buy now and pay later option. It is a way of making credit purchases while escaping interest rates. Interest applies after the grace period expires.
At Freemans, Flex account holders can enjoy the buy now pay later option. The periods given are 104 weeks or 156 weeks. During this period, customer make interest free payments. The amount in question also has to be over £500. After the lapse of the agreed period, the amount attract the 29.9 APR interest.
Ambrose Wilson do not have a clearly stated policy on a buy now pay later option. But if payments are done before the 28 day statement is sent out, no interests are applicable.

Offers and Deals at Ambrose Wilson and Freemans

Ambrose Wilson have an extensive deal of the week bargain. 50% off selected lingerie, 60% off selected footwear, up to 70% off selected designer items, and a massive 60% end of season discount.
Freemans have a buy 2 get 1 offer deal of the week. Other offers are 60% sales discount going on. 20% discount on computers and furniture.

Delivery and Return options for Ambrose Wilson and Freemans

Ambrose Wilson have a standard delivery charge of £2.99. Next day delivery costs £3.99. Freemans have a free delivery offer if you collect items at Collect+. Next day delivery will cost £3.50

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